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Jargon Free Friendly Service

We pride ourselves on keeping our services simple for everyone's needs, whether you are looking for your very first website or wanting to launch a refreshed version of your current site you will always find our services to be professional, friendly and jargon free.

Below we have listed some key questions to help answer any initial queries you may have...

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Use A Web Domain I Already Own?

YES we can use your current website address for your new website.


I Don't Have A Website Or Domain Can You Help?

YES we can purchase your domain for you and set up your new website to your domain (website name) address.


Can I Have A Email Address To Match My Website?

YES we can set up multiple email addresses for your website.


I Have Little Experience Of The Internet Does That Matter?

NO we can set up everything you need to get your website live with just a couple of questions to understand all your needs.


Can You Update My Current Website?

YES we can update a wide range of website styles and formats to your requirements for just £15 per hour.



Ask Us A Question...


We are happy to answer all your questions no matter how big or small just drop us an email at info@skye-create.com and we will quickly send you a response back with as much information as we can muster up!

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